We adopt an approach that is collaborative with our clients, and with our partners and their clients. We can design and deliver modules to fit within existing leadership programs or other consulting assignments. We can provide associates who are accredited to deliver our customised programs, and we can work with our clients to arrange to accredit others to deliver, if that is what they want or need.

We work with our clients to analyse any barriers within their organisations that might interrupt or prevent effective operations, innovation and growth .

Usually, this triggers a focus on the nature of communications within their organisations.

Using neuroscience based techniques we work with our clients to break apart existing obstacles to constructive communications and replace them with improved behaviours.

Our main objective is the building of trust that allows for the improvements to take place.

As Judith Glaser said: ‘You will realize that words will either cause us to bond and trust more fully and think of others as friends and colleagues, or they will cause us to break rapport and think of others as enemies. Your mind will open up as you see the connection between language and health, and you will learn how to create healthy organizations through the conversational “rituals” that you establish.

Working with us, Judith believes ‘you will have a storehouse of very prescriptive things to do, or not do, to sustain organizational health and success. You will be able to see the impact of change, and you will learn how to design conversational rituals that enable people to embrace and navigate change in healthy ways, and prevent those rituals that become toxic over time’.